It is time for a New Leadership Model
On a new Power-base
For a world that works for all

vision & Mission

What Is Shakti Leadership ?

A New Model of Conscious and Balanced Leadership, drawing from Ancient Indic and Emergent Wisdom, needed to Create a World that works for All.

In short: Leadership for a World that Works for All​.

What Is the Shakti Mission ?

Empowered women are critical to the economy, ecology, technology and the peace process. And change is created by changemakers, in supportive communities.
Our mission is to create 100,000 women change-makers across these key sectors, in India and globally, by 2030. Shakti Leaders are collaborating to create peace, prosperity and beauty through the exchange of multiple forms of capital. With a focus on ‘Self-Mastery & Selfless Service’ they are being trained to innovate sustainable systems and models to create an inclusive and regenerative world.

Popular Courses

12-Week Group Self-Study Course

Content-rich ‘book club’ style Course on Seek LMS 

Online Course

18hr masterclass Video Course

Boutique-quality MasterClass with Nilima Bhat

Online Course


Advanced Leadership Global Program for Women.

Blended Course

Upcoming Events & Latest Uploads


Feb 2024

Shakti Kumbh 2024

   Auroville & Pondicherry, India


Feb 2023

Shakti Kumbh 2023

   Rishikesh, India


Aug 2022

Podcast: Shakti Dialogue