Day 1 : Presence

“We cultivate Presence to get in touch with our wholeness and to realize that all we need is within us at any given moment and always has been.”


‘Presence’ is that state of consciousness or inner poise within which I need to be located personally first, before I can attempt becoming an effective change-agent. It is the single most important quality I can develop as a conscious leader.

Presence is about ‘being’ as much as it is about ‘doing’. In fact, all effective ‘doing’ comes from Presence because it is also the source of Shakti, the true power or force of consciousness within. In yogic terminology, it is the Shiva principle.

If Presence is an internal state, how do we know when we’re truly present and when we’re not? More importantly, how can we cultivate this internal state and tap into our true power? Join me for a profoundly simple Shakti Presence Practice that, once learnt, takes just moments to ‘tune-in’ with.

You will learn to access the five qualities that signal Shakti’s Presence, from the foundation of a Relaxed body:

  • Even breath
  • Clear mind
  • Open heart
  • Sensitive sonar
  • Energetic induction

When we become self-aware with a relaxed body, even breath, clear mind and an open heart, the necessary leadership qualities of being context-aware emerge almost effortlessly. Our senses become sensitive sonars picking up vital information and our Presence radiates outwards and energetically inducts others into harmony and alignment. It is akin to opening one’s arms wide and inviting/ welcoming others into our field of presence. The wisdom, love, creativity and power needed by us as leaders to build conscious organizations or communities flows naturally from here.

Go ahead and experience the Presence Practice here. To cultivate the habit of Presence (and return to it when you lose it), practice this DAILY for the next 21 days.

You may wish to add: I am enough. I have enough. There is enough for everyone. (This reminds us of our innate abundance and gets us out of a false sense of scarcity which makes us lose Presence)

Presence is already there, within all of us. Get out of the way and let it shine through.

Let’s Be. Here. Now.

The Presence affirmation is a ‘maha-mantra’ that rarely fails. It is based on a deep understanding of our typical stress response.

When we lose presence, we retreat to the head, heart, or gut to cope with our sense of powerlessness. Going into a fight-or-flight survival mode, your gut instinct is to defend yourself. Or, you might go into your emotional heart, which has a great need to be loved or liked and thus a tendency to self-promote. Or you tend to go into your mind and start future-tripping, worrying about everything that could possibly go wrong. You feel anxious about what could happen in the future or fall into shame and guilt about the past. This is fear-based thinking.

Use and share this potent affirmation developed from the wisdom of the Enneagram!