Day 13 : Progress

“Progress is a choice.” – Martin O’Malley

Progress is a movement forward or toward a place where you want to be: to not rest on your laurels but to continuously look ahead to unfolding your potential.

I have been motivated to keep striving by this ‘whack-in-the-back’ quote from my yoga guru, reminding us that we have our own greatness to evolve and contribute to the world. Making our ordinary lives, extraordinary.

“Eating, sleeping, drinking. A little laughter, much weeping. Is that all? Don’t die here like a worm. WAKE UP! Attain immortal bliss.” – Swami Sivananda

Physically, psychologically, scientifically, spiritually…across all domains of our experience, it is known that Humans have discovered and mastered not even a fraction of a fraction of our inner and outer possibilities. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE.

When each of us reaches to raise the bar on any one aspect that adds value to Life, all of Life progresses.

One very effective practice as you go through your day, is to breathe deeply, feeling yourself become deep and wide, as a vessel that can enlarge to hold more. Do this especially when you are challenged or stressed or triggered by something or someone. Instead of contracting, which is our normal reaction, see if you can pause, and then deepen and widen your energetic vessel. Allowing the pressure in the moment to decompress inside. Defuse the tension. Allow the energy to move inside and get absorbed by the body’s intelligence.

Activity for today: Writing your own Obituary Speech

Put away all distractions and find a quiet space for about 30 minutes.

Do the Presence Practice or the Higher-self dialogue to gain access to your deepest wisdom and guidance, and source of inspiration.

Now imagine yourself having lived a free, full and fulfilled life. Having made your greatest contribution, and having attained self-mastery. You have died peacefully and with a sense of completion. No regrets.

It is your funeral service in a few days and your best friend or colleague has to make a speech outlining your achievements.

Put yourself in their place, and write that speech now.

Be sure to make it as specific as possible. Listing all the outer as well as inner achievements.


  • When you are ready, underline all the inner and outer achievements you have listed, THAT ARE YET TO BE MANIFESTED or completed.
  • List them out separately under the title: ‘Work in Progress’, in order of priority for you
  • On a scale of 1-10 how do I rate myself, as working towards each of these?
  • What are the hurdles that come in the way of my Progress?
  • If I were to release something that blocks me from Progress, what is it? Go ahead and offer it up to your higher-self now.
  • What specific behaviour will I adopt, that demonstrates Progress to me and others?

Invitation to Commitment

  • What is one immediate, next logical step that I commit to taking, and by when, that will make progress on each item on my list?
  • What is it that I commit to, that will make me Progress irrespective of any circumstances, on an ongoing basis?

If you have got this far, bravo! I salute you. Thank you. Your progress is inextricably bound to Earth’s evolution.

May the Shakti-force be with you as you heroically progress to your Greatness.

Nilima Bhat
Co-author – Shakti Leadership