Day 14 : Courage

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” – Mark Twain

After committing to our continued Progress, we quickly find that much resistance and many obstacles rise up as if in challenge or as a test of our determination to succeed!

Today’s challenge naturally then, is finding and acting with Courage. To stand up, speak out and not accept the unacceptable.

It is the number one quality at the heart of our heroic soul; because everything worth having, lies ON THE OTHER SIDE of our fear.

Courage is the heroic quality that enables us to face danger or pain without showing fear. It is a state of mind or spirit that models self-possession, confidence and bravery. It is the ability to control your fear, in a dangerous or difficult situation; the ability to do something that you know is right or good, even though it is dangerous, frightening, or very difficult.

Interestingly, whosoever is courageous can give courage to others as well, just as the flame of one candle can light another. It is quite naturally, a key quality needed by a leader, in order to inspire leadership.

The story of Joan of Arc is an example in Courage, and its true source.


  • Where in the story do you find the quality of Courage?
  • How is the character of Joan of Arc relevant in today’s day and age?
  • Do I consider Courage as my strength?
  • In what situation do I find myself being courageous?
  • On a scale of 1-10 how do I rate myself as courageous and why?
  • If I were to be honest with myself knowing that I am completely accepted for who I am, what is it that stops me from being courageous?
  • If I were to relax something that blocks me from being courageous, what is it? And what can I let go, offer up to my higher-self, for release?

Practices for Courage

1.  Shaking off Fear: We all feel fear. It is the overcoming of it and not giving in to it that is a mark of Courage. Fear is nothing but energy or our life-force that gets suddenly built up when we feel threatened in any way. Our body tends to naturally brace itself for a fight, flight or freeze action.

THIS IS OK! Instead of REACTING on auto-pilot, or OVER-REACTING with inappropriate behavior, gently give your body a quick little shake, allowing the built-up energy to get released and absorbed inside. You will feel a warmth spreading through you, that is akin to alertness, aliveness and yes, EXCITEMENT! With this feeling of empowered anticipation, you can now put that energy to work, using it as much-needed FUEL to exercise the necessary action needed in that moment.

So, the next time you feel fear, just shake it off, brighten your eyes, and say ‘excited’! Go forth courageously to face what you have to take on or call out; including owning your own internal resistance.

2. The Presence maha-mantra: When we are expecting a difficult conversation or situation coming up, the ‘maha-mantra’ of our Shakti Presence Practice works great to access Courage. Affirm firmly:

‘I have nothing to defend; I have nothing to promote; I have nothing to fear.’

Finish it with a firm statement that claims your power:
I AM……..
I CAN………
I WILL………..

Call upon your Presence and reclaim your Shakti.

Invitation to Commitment

  • What is it that I commit to, that will make me courageous under all circumstances?
  • Do I commit to stand-up for what I am? Do I commit to not give in to fear?
  • What specific practice will I adopt, that demonstrates Courage to me and others?

Use your fear to fuel your courage! On the other side of you fear lies your greatest life.

Nilima Bhat
Co-author – Shakti Leadership