Day 5 : Flexibility

Conscious leaders are flexible. They know how to draw Shakti from all the different forces available and use each as needed; they are not fixated on any one way of being or doing things. – Nilima Bhat and Raj Sisodia


A conscious leader is flexible. We define flexibility as “the capacity to switch modes seamlessly and to bend without breaking, as the situation or the context requires.”

Examples of flexibility abound in nature. The bamboo tree get its resilience from its ability to be flexible; it bends but doesn’t break in the wind. A chameleon know how to change the colors to adapt to its context in order to survive and thrive. Leaders also need to be able to bend but not break, adapting to circumstances in a principled way without sacrificing their core values.

Many problems are simply polarities that can be handled by using “and” rather than “or” – that is, by including both options as complementary pairs in coming up with the solution. Indeed, in many cases that is the only way to find a lasting, impactful solution. Masculine and feminine values present a similar polarity. These are complementary qualities; i.e., only together do they bring wholeness or complete into a higher order of outcome. They are polarities to be leveraged to unlock and increase the energy available for your use, to evolve and raise your game, as well as your ability to function as a whole human being.

Reflect upon the image: (Excerpted from Shakti Leadership)

  • What is your preferred pole or leadership power to exercise – masculine or feminine?
  • How can you start developing the positive traits of the other?
  • Which trait do you typically exhibit when you fall ‘below the line’ into the unhealthy quadrant of each? Eg, I know I have become overly feminine when I become emotionally needy. And when overly masculine, I find myself being judgmental.

Make note! And be mindful to catch yourself when these traits come up.

  • What are the healthy masculine and feminine traits in the top quadrants that come naturally to you? These are what you should immediately reach for. Eg, in my case, when judgmental, I consciously look to be compassionate (a + feminine trait I do have!), and when needy, I step up into self-care (a + masculine trait I have learned :-), and do whatever I need to meet my own need, or ask for it nicely!

Remember, when you fall below the line, your Shakti gets blocked. And you are trapped in the ‘worst of both poles’ experience. To release the full flow of your Shakti, you need to remain in the upper two quadrants, wisely flexing between the healthy behaviors of each, and flowing with ease between the poles.

Draw your own quadrants and share your reflections on our FB page. As you go about your day, stay flexible and let your Shakti flow.

Meditation for Flexibility

From our Cellular Healing Meditations repertoire, today we bring you this meditation to internalize flexibility and make it a body experience. If you do work with it, share your reflections on our page.

Nilima Bhat
Co-author – Shakti Leadership