Day 6 : Congruence

Step IN..Step UP…Step OUT!


We define congruence as the capacity to be centered, authentic, and aligned with one’s purpose both internally (how one feels) and externally (how one acts). Recall that getting to wholeness was about “stepping in” to gather all the fragmented parts of yourself. The next capacity, flexibility, was about “stepping up” as a leader who proactively shapes and engages with life rather than just reacting to it. Congruence is about “stepping out”, venturing out into the world to be of service in a way that is uniquely yours. Conscious leaders know what their purpose is, they know their story, they know where they come from, and they know where they are going. They are living their Swadharma – their unique personal calling. It is congruent with their Swabhav – who they essentially are, in their innate nature.

The “higher-self dialogue” is a practice that can help you discover your purpose. It assumes that we each have an ego self, rooted in our ordinary mind, and also a higher self – a divinized version of our self – that understands our essence better than our ego self does and can guide and protect us at all times. It knows that which we truly seek.

The higher-self dialogue to discern one’s higher purpose is a deep meditation and exploration drawing from many different psycho-spiritual and creative processes. It aims to bypass the rational mind and access the consciousness of all parts of our being, especially the creative child and the empathic and wise higher self.

NB: This recording works for both, healing any cause of pain, as well as meeting any need our ego self may not have been able to. We use it today to seek guidance, clarity and answers to our deepest questions around our purpose.

Begin by writing them down. For example:

  • How am I to be of service in this world?
  • What are my unique talents and gifts, and how am I to bring them to the world?

After doing the higher-self dialogue and receiving a ‘stream of consciousness’ in response, see if you can articulate your purpose down to a simple statement that rings true for you. For example:

“I am here to contribute, and make a difference by ___________________.”


Nilima Bhat
Co-author – Shakti Leadership

PS: (Read this AFTER you have finished your exercise.)

I find myself doing this exercise at major life-transitions. Each ‘purpose statement’ serves as a energizing elixir as well as compass to stay on my ‘true north’. Until I get there. And am ready for its next articulation.

Here is my current statement, hand-written and pinned on my soft-board above my work-station. Reminding and inspiring me every single day!

“To build the NEW EARTH.
By gathering and building a GLOBAL NETWORK
through the EXCHANGE

As you can see, this 21-day challenge is an initiative in complete alignment with my higher purpose. Thank you for helping me fulfill it! Any project you undertake here on, make sure it aligns with your higher purpose. Ask yourself, what is the next logical step I can take towards manifesting it? STEP OUT, and DO IT!