Day 9 : Gratitude

“Gratitude: it is you who open all the closed doors and let the Grace which saves penetrate deeply.” – Sri Aurobindo

Gratitude is the capacity to feel thankful for what one has. Unlike indebtedness, you’re not anxious about having to pay it back. You allow yourself to savour and appreciate what someone did for you. The ego and its constant pre-occupation, is to think of what it wants and has not. Instead, if we can be aware at all times, of what we are given by Life, we will live in endless gratitude.

There is a secret to Gratitude. What you appreciate, appreciates. It is as if by acknowledging what we have, we open the floodgates for more of that to pour in!


  • Do I consider Gratitude as my strength?
  • In what situation do I find myself being grateful? In what relationship do I find myself being grateful?
  • On a scale of 1-10 how do I rate myself as grateful and why?
  • If I were to be honest with myself, knowing that I am completely accepted for who I am – what is it that stops me from being grateful?
  • If I were to relax something that blocks me from being grateful, what is it? What can I relax & let go, offer up to my higher-self for release now?
  • What specific behaviour can I adopt, that demonstrates Gratitude to me and others?

Gratitude Practices: Do any one or more today!

  1. Slowly start walking about in and around the space you are in. Look around.
    Observe things around you. Take 2-5 minutes to feel grateful for every single thing that catches your eye. Feel fortunate that you are there at that moment.
  2. Open your heart and mind to gratitude. Reflect on these areas today and preferably write down your responses:
    – What are the opportunities I have or have already had today to be grateful?
    – What do people around me provide for me? (Be thorough and notice everything.)
    – How much is freely given to me everyday by life itself?
  3.  Gratitude Letter
    Write a letter to someone you appreciate – typically, a person who has made a difference in your life, and to whom you feel grateful. Then if possible, meet with this person and read the letter to him or her.

Invitation to Commitment

I commit to feel gratitude by looking for all that I can appreciate in each moment.

As you go through your day, keep capturing chances to be grateful. Allow your heart to open up and experience more and more gratitude.

In deep gratitude to you for undertaking this challenge,

Nilima Bhat
Co-author – Shakti Leadership