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21 days Shakti Leadership Challenge

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21 Days Shakti Leadership Challenge

Dear Friend,

The time has come! Your 21-Day Shakti Leadership Challenge begins tomorrow. We’re delighted to have you on board and are looking forward to getting started. The next three weeks are about shifting our individual and collective approach to leadership, based on inner-transformation. It is a step-by-step program to ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’.

As you prepare to enter this journey, let us begin by understanding what Shakti is, and what Shakti Leadership means. Watch this 20 min video of the Shakti Leadership book launch where my co-author Raj Sisodia describes the Conscious Capitalism movement looking to elevate Humanity with business as a force for good. And I outline the ‘Five Elements’ of Shakti Leadership and the heroic journey it will take us to deliver that. We hope this sufficiently whets your appetite!

Have fun! Looking forward to embark on this adventure of consciousness with you!

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In the spirit of service,

Nilima Bhat

By Nilima Bhat | May 17th, 2022 | Free Resources

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