Are you ready, able and willing to be a transformational Leader?

Shakti Leadership is a powerful and comprehensive framework for developing ‘Conscious Leadership’ in business leaders and entrepreneurs, especially women looking to make a difference with their unique gifts and talents at these transformational times.

Shakti Leadership Coaching is offered as a 1-on-1 as well as a Group Coaching program using circle-work methodologies for enhanced impact. Facilitated by Nilima Bhat, co-author of the book, it is offered to intact teams or cohorts of women.

What does coaching offer?

Coaching is a proven process that supports individuals to move towards their personal and professional goals and aspirations with greater awareness, energy, confidence and accountability.

It offers a safe space for individuals/groups to discover themselves, explore what best serves them and make commitments to move forward towards their goals and aspirations as Shakti Leaders.

Who is this coaching for?

Those who are ready, willing and able to take responsibility for their own life. (not be a victim, or blaming others for where they are)

Those ready to move forward on their Heroic Journey and come into the Five Elements of Shakti Leadership: Presence, Power, Wholeness, Flexibility and Congruence.

Those who have the time to commit to be there for the entire duration of the coaching program.

The ideal client

An individual who is intrinsically motivated to come into their full power as a conscious leader and changemaker.

Someone ready to do the inner transformation work required to stretch beyond their current limitations.

A person seeking ways to build on their current success to have an even greater impact.

They could be..

Young Idealists – breaking new ground (seeking to Create)

Working (mid tier) Executives – breaking free (seeking to Balance)

2nd Careerists – breaking true (seeking to Serve)

How long does the coaching journey last?

Designed to meet the needs of the individual/group; as required to achieve a high degree of competence as a Shakti Leader.


A coachee / corporate sponsor will be asked to sign a standard coaching agreement that will define their role/s, the coach’s role as well as the terms and conditions.

Getting started

  1. Email to request a coaching engagement.
  2. You will be required to buy and read the book fully before the start of the program, and complete all exercises outlined in it. It is the reference text for the whole engagement.
  3. Brief qualifying interview with Nilima Bhat may be set up to determine the fit between your objective(s) and the benefits available from this coaching engagement.

We will meet on zoom. Sessions to be scheduled on the Calendly link HERE.


Our first one or two sessions will be Foundational, devoted to Self-discovery and Goal Setting.

You will be asked to share fully and be willing to be vulnerable and “go deep.”