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Shakti Fellowship 2020


Call for Applications

Due to Covid-19 this program is now deferred to 2023 to 2024. If you wish to be notified about details, please write to programmanager@shaktileadership.com

Accelerating Women Change-Makers

There is a dire need to accelerate women intra/entrepreneurs who are also sustainable change agents. Shakti Leadership offers a unique 9-month Fellowship program, jointly certified with the University of San Diego and WIN, to exceptional and inspired applicants who wish to create a game-changing business, social and environmental impact project; and who are willing to undergo the transformational journey needed to do so.

The Shakti Fellowship is also for companies looking to nominate high-potential women leaders with a mandate to deliver a major Sustainability or D&I project. The program equips them with cutting-edge skills, tools and frameworks as well as one-on-one coaching/mentoring to design and implement in-house.

The Fellowship Program additionally facilitates the active collaboration between the change-makers to innovate synergies between their sustainability projects so that they amplify each other and create the systemic change that is needed.

In support of the UN’s goal of achieving the 17 SDGs by 2030, the Shakti Fellowship’s vision and mission is to develop and engage 100,000 women change-makers globally by 2030. Who collaborate to create Peace, Prosperity & Beauty through the exchange of multiple forms of capital.

Read the brochure to know more about Impact Projects launched through the Shakti Fellowship. The key ‘deliverable’ of the Shakti Fellowship is your Shakti project – an action learning project where you apply all that you have learned in the program, to conceive, design and launch a game-changing initiative: A tangible product or service, that innovates new ways to Peace, Prosperity & Beauty through the exchange of multiple forms of capital.

This year we are especially looking for Climate Change-makers. With projects that address Climate change directly, or contribute indirectly through innovative sustainability practices.

Jointly Certified By

Conscious Leadership Academy

WHY WOMEN, WHY SHAKTI? Something is out of sync with leadership today. Feminine energy in leadership is largely absent from our professional lives; and incorporating it can help companies become more balanced and integrated. When women lead differently, something BIG happens. If you are concerned that too many leaders, men and women alike, are buying into a notion of leadership that exclusively emphasizes traditionally ‘masculine’ qualities, win-at-all-costs and yearn for leadership that is balanced; this course is for you. The Shakti Fellowship evolved from the internationally acclaimed book ‘Shakti Leadership’ authored by Nilima Bhat and Raj Sisodia. Like no other, this fellowship program reveals an archetype that is generative, cooperative, creative, inclusive, and empathic. While traditionally regarded as feminine qualities, we all have them! In the Indian yogic tradition, they are symbolic of Shakti, the energy source that powers all life. Handpicked Shakti Fellows journey over a period of nine months and learn how to access this infinite energy and lead from their whole self; to incubate, accelerate and launch game-changing impact projects.

Welcome Video by Nilima Bhat

Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program is broadly divided into three tracks – Step In, Step Up and Step Out.

The program is ‘online’ with 18 bi-weekly classes and 9 monthly peer coaching calls plus one 8-day residential program at the University of San Diego, California, USA from 26 Sep to 4 Oct, 2020. The cost of travel and accommodation is not included.

Optional pilgrimage:
Brahmaputra(India) Shakti Tour(TBD)

WHO IS A SHAKTI LEADER? – Read Nilima’s blogpost

Cost of the 9-month Program

US$6000 Individual

US$8000 Corporate (includes Executive coaching)

Applications still open
If you need Scholarship, please provide the reasons why. Scholarships upto $2,000 available for exceptional applicants.

Our Visionary Founders and Faculty

Raj Sisodia, PhD

Nilima Bhat

Betsy Sobiech

Andrea Henning

Lisa Schenk, PhD

Kimberli Hudson

Philomena (Phyllis) Blees

Lorri Sulpizio

Kristin Engvig

Iris Sadeh

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