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Golden-ratio Consciousness Gateways

We yearn to make new beginnings, to seize the moment and meet our destiny. To find our purpose, to make a difference. To radiate love, peace, joy and truth.

Yet, we are hobbled by limiting beliefs about life, others, ourselves: “Life can’t be trusted”.. “They are not good enough”.. “I don’t deserve love”…

Let’s learn the use of contemplative sacred geometry and sincere intention to shred our old programs and express our essence.


I attach four yantras for Love, Peace, Joy and Truth. Together they create the 5th yantra for Beauty.

As many of you know, I have been listening to inner guidance to develop these over the last many many years.

These double yantras are for you to simply breathe and connect with as suggested in its accompanying text. Set the intention that they will each open your heart, mind, chakras and cells to love, peace, joy and truth respectively.

I have been putting all difficulties or conflicts into the appropriate vortex and asking the ‘Supramental Catastrophe’ to happen to the energies involved. As my friend Kiara Windrider mentions in his book Year Zero, the Supramental Catastrophe is that blessed dissolution of the the old falsehood which simultaneously is held by Grace to replace the energies with new Truth. Truth that at once resolves, balances and harmonises all dualities and polarities.

Stay open for your prayers and sincere intentions to get beautifully manifested.

Focus on the void-centre of each yantra as you breathe steadily and let it become a spinning double-vortex as it merges and pulses with you, like a photon. I suggest you spend one minute on each, using your affirmation/mantra as guided. Keep putting into its fire whatever you need to resolve or accomplish. Surrendering the outcome to the Divine Will.

For Physical Healing – Use the Golden Yantra in each cell of the affected area to shred and release outdated cellular memories of disease and decay and to receive the Truth of Health & Fitness as its and the body’s natural state

For Emotional Healing – Use the Pink Yantra to shred and release outdated emotional patterns and to receive Love in their place

For Mental Healing – Use the Blue Yantra to shred and release outdated mental patterns and to receive Peace in their place

For Spiritual Healing – Use the Rainbow Yantra to shred and release stuck energy in your chakras, to be able to experience the Joy of Full Spectrum Consciousness, aligning your body-mind-soul-spirit with God/Source.

Download the yantras HERE

Please share widely! I have offered these under creative commons usage (CC0) as I would like every man, woman and child on this planet to set eyes on them and have the blessings of love, peace, joy, truth and beauty be seeded into their being, to be worked out by their free-will in the fullness of time!

May all beings be happy, may all beings be well, may all beings be free.

Nilima Bhat

Shakti Leadership and I AM Yoga founder Nilima Bhat shows us how to work with Yantras as meditative and healing tools in this interview with Jennifer Ackad*.  Nilima explains what is a Yantra and how to use these yantras, from 26.26 onwards.

*This video interview was conducted by Jennifer Ackad, embodiment and authentic transformation mentor, and was initially broadcasted on The Authentic Woman You Are Online Series and Interactive Training in March 2021. You can join The Authentic Woman You Are community platform via this link The Authentic Woman You Are (

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