Leadership Practice Study Circle – Guidelines

How to form a Leader Practice Study Circle

We recommend you do this course with a cohort.

Please read below for a few guidelines on how to run this course as a Leadership Practice Study Circle or Book Club

While you are welcome to self-organize with intact teams or ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) of mixed genders within your organization or networks, in our experience we have found that it is very rewarding and enriching when it is a gender-specific group that comes together as a circle and discusses the concepts and their experiences. There is a power to a circle that creates safe-space, when facilitated by a mature and compassionate leader, and it brings its own energy to the learning.

We recommend you begin the group study, eg, as a Women’s Circle or a Men’s Circle first, before perhaps coming together in mixed groups to share and understand each other’s experiences.

If you need help in joining a study circle, please write to programmanager@shaktileadership.com. You will be assigned to a study circle and you will be notified in a few days.

Make your own web

Every Shakti leader has a mission to create their own web of influence and spread consciousness and lead with love. The first step could be some of you coming together to have your own local leadership practice or study circle to go through this course.

Maybe you sign up as a group, or you discover that there are others in your community at work or at home, taking the same course at the same time. Either way, if possible, do join together as this is more powerful to do together.

A Study Circle can consist of as less as just two persons holding each other accountable to follow and complete the course to an agreed schedule. We recommend not to have more than eight leaders per circle.


  • Set up a schedule to meet; once a week or once in two weeks
  • Assign a group leader. This could also be on a rotation basis
  • It is the group leader’s responsibility to hold the group together for that time period
  • Ideally, plan a 60-90-min meeting either online or in-person
  • We would recommend doing a minimum of one meeting per Section of the Course/Module in the Shakti Leadership book. Everyone in the group should complete all the Lectures of the Section/Module before coming to the meeting. It is required that the participants complete the assignments on their own.
  • During the meeting share your insights, ask questions and exchange experiences of how you applied the learnings from that chapter to your work or home life. Eg: What worked well? What would you like to do more/less of, to be a better Shakti Leader? How would you like the group to hold you accountable to yourself, for that?
  • Ensure you honour and respect the privacy of the circle