Shakti tours are pilgrimages to the world’s sacred centres, especially great rivers and water bodies.
Based on the book Shakti Leadership by Nilima Bhat and Raj Sisodia, we embark on the adventures of our inner archetypal Heroic Journey to engage our life’s and leadership challenges, even as we explore the mythology of the land.
Through ritual and circle we heal our personal and collective stories using the Healing Power of Water from holy rivers such as Ganges, Indus, Jordan, Nile…Unifying and Raising Planetary Consciousness.


Shakti Tour to the High Himalayas

Covering sacred sites of Kashmir Shaivism-Sufism-Buddhism-Sikhism.

As we head into India’s 75th year and Sri Aurobindo’s 150th birth anniversary starting this 15th Aug, are you feeling called to an Indian Renaissance Shakti Tour to activate the ‘Crown’ of our Ancient Civilization?

The ACTIVATION of 7 carefully chosen energy centres of this Holy Land are the MAIN agenda of our INTERFAITH RENAISSANCE Shakti Tour; for Peace & Harmony in the Valley, the Himalayas, India and Her Neighbours, and for our whole world.

14-23 Aug 2021


Pachamama Shakti Tour

Celebrating the 7th anniversary of the Planetary Shift of Consciousness

12-21 Dec 2019


Shakti Tour – Sibenik-Croatia

Invoking the return of the Mediterranean Mother Goddess to restore balance, beauty and abundance for all.

07-14 June 2019


Shakti Tour – Egypt

Specially curated tour that includes visits and ceremonies to powerful places in the mystic land of Egypt.

20-27 Feb 2019


Shakti Tour – Indus

To the rugged and pristine sources of Himalayan Shakti-Buddhist mysticism.

22-30 June 2018


Shakti Tour – Israel

A heroic journey of the Holy Land, in a quest for inner transformation, gender and racial reconciliation and peace in the world.

19-23 Nov 2017


Ganga Tour – Ex-Delhi

Tracing the Ganges from the Himalayas to the Sunderbans

01-08 Nov 2016


Shakti Tour – Peru

The Divine Marriage of the Himalayas and the Andes. For the tryst with destiny that awaited Earth and Humanity, to unify the poles and shift into Truth consciousness.

10-21 Dec 2012