Meet the 2019-2020 Shakti Fellowship

Our cohort comes together from different countries, varying backgrounds and all ages. Here is a short introduction to our fellowship of 2019-2020.

Cristina Estenes, USA – Kansas

Cristina Estenes believes in living like you mean it.  She strives to maintain a healthy edge of personal growth and self-compassion, ever expanding her bounds physically, mentally  and spiritually.  The gateway to consciousness arose for her while navigating a challenging corporate career simultaneously balancing the needs of herself and her family.  She is influenced by eastern teachings, western philosophy, and profound personal experience.

Cristina’s professional background is in Merchandising, specifically in Fashion Retail for large scale and mid-size international multi-channel organizations. She has deep experience in Planning, Buying, and Allocation with a track record of driving sales and maximizing margin through thoughtful strategy and detailed execution.  Cristina has experience building cohesive, effective teams and has a passion for process improvement.

In addition to her corporate career, she is currently called to serve guiding others to deeper meaning in their work and lives.  Cristina lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her family

Elaine Dinos, USA – Georgia

Elaine Dinos is  the Founder of Kindred Lane, a collaborative that sparks healthy growth in people and organizations. Her work focuses on helping people reconnect to themselves, to each other and to nature. Through Wisdom of the Forest®, she is cultivating a community of people living from their roots.

Elaine spent most of her career as a leadership advisor and executive recruiter at Korn Ferry, where she was a Principal in the firm’s Global Consumer Market. Guided by her passion for the conscious business movement, Elaine created Korn Ferry’s Purpose Community which grew to over 200 employees who collaborated in bringing purpose and conscious business practices to clients and the firm.  Elaine is a Strategic Advisor to two B Corporations, Conscious Company Media and Imperative Group. Elaine and her family live in Atlanta, Georgia. Her three young sons are her greatest teachers and inspiration for living from her roots and remembering to soak up the sun.

Fatma Genc, Malaysia

Fatma Genç is a media + culture specialist, author  and currently active as a community manager at Mindvalley. She lead cultural and strategic partnerships for brands like WeTransfer, collaborating with over 200 creative companies worldwide. In 2017 she published a self-help guide on how to find more Yin-balance in an overly masculine society. Currently she’s expanding her personal work towards female empowerment and training young women in the creative industries.

Francine Luce Dubuc, Canada

Francine Luce is founder of Dubuc + Associates ( coaching women leaders.
Francine Luce is trained as a social worker, natural therapist, certified professional coach by Coaching de Gestion and an accredited coach by ICF International Coaching Federation. She has certifications in: Ulab, Otto Scharmer, Presencing Institute, certified Heart math Interventions, Mastery in Mindfulness coaching, Sivananda Yoga, Vipassana meditation, now practicing transcendental meditation.
She’s been growing her expertise in Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Women’s Leadership, Wellness Coaching, MPO consultant-analyst and in co-creating organizational cultures where human beings blossom and businesses thrive. She teaches, writes, gives lectures, coaches and animates various groups of leaders, business owners, CEO, professionals and entrepreneurs.
Her key values are: authenticity, peacefulness, heart connection, compassion, vibrant health and beauty. What make her spark is leading a fully authentic life in vibrant health sourced from inner peace while inspiring others in doing the same and realizing their full potential contributing successfully to the world.

Irina Kuligina, Russia


Irina is an assessor, a certified coach, a member of ICF and an expert on the development of managers. In 2018, Irina became an authorised trainer in the Positive Neuroplasticity programme from Rick Hanson. The programme teaches neuroplasticity application tools for the development of socialisation skills and emotional intelligence.

Irina is a certified yoga teacher(RYT 500+)

She has occupied senior positions at many leading companies. She was HR Director at DMG MORI SEIKI Rus and Hilti LLC, Qatar; and HR business partner at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

Irina holds a Master’s degree in Sociology and Social Work, and a diploma specialising in HR management.

As the Director of Open Enrollment Programmes, Irina develops and brings to the market a wide range of educational programmes for executives.

Julia Karpenko, Russia

Julia Karpenko is expert in executive development. She holds a Master’s degree in Sociology.
She is Senior Open Enrollment Programs Manager at Moscow School of Management
SKOLKOVO. In this role, she has designed programs “Leadership Development Program”,
“Executive Coaching for the development of leaders, top teams and organizations”, “HR as a
Partner for Business”.

Julia’s background is in Big Four – for 8 years she has been working at EY as Partner
Development Programs Manager. This activity Julia was combining with the role of Diversity &
Inclusiveness Manager, within which she was pushing forward the agenda of women leadership
and many social projects (gender balance, working mothers, disabilities).
Julia believes in lifelong learning and is passionate about helping people find ways to develop.
Julia lives in Moscow and is a proud mother of two young boys. She enjoys spending time with
her family, taking swimming classes and reading books in French.

LeeAnn Mallorie, USA – California

LeeAnn Mallorie, MAPP, MSC is a transformational leadership coach, consultant, speaker and  corporate medicine woman with over 12 years of experience helping leaders and  organizations truly walk their talk. A specialist in mindfulness and  embodiment, LeeAnn believes that lasting change starts  in a person’s physical body, and has inevitable ripple effects in the communities they serve. Her  women’s program Guts and Grace, and upcoming book by the same name,  bridge the gap between  leadership and resilience, placing an emphasis on body-listening as doorway  to  greater impact.

As the founder and CEO  of Leading in Motion, LeeAnn works within a wide range of companies, from   innovative start-ups to publicly traded organizations, including Nasa, Mattel,  Colgate Palmolive,  Zymergen, BCG, Independence Blue Cross  and the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation. She is on the teaching faculty for The Strozzi Institute, and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Masters of Applied Positive Psychology program.


Linda Galvan, USA – Texas

Linda Galvan is a Life Transformation Personal Growth Facilitator and Spiritual Intuitive Guide serving spiritually-minded women  who are feeling stuck and  seeking deeper fulfillment and purpose.

Linda has helped  transform the lives of over 2000 women in the past decade through her sacred transformational work. She assists women to align to their higher soul purpose through a unique combination of spiritual and energetic tools .  The women she serves gain clarity, increase creativity and find deeper purpose by opening to and embracing their spiritual gifts.

Linda  has a Masters and Doctoral Training in Educational Psychology –  The University of Texas – Austin. She did crisis intervention and trauma work for over 20 years in systems serving at-risk populations.

Certified Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Practitioner; Certified Gong Sound Healing Practitioner; Certified Level 2 Art of Feminine Presence Facilitator. Founder of the Awaken Your Light Academy, The Awaken Your Light Prayer Collective and Creatrix Collective.


Marjolein Nagel, Netherlands

Marjolein Nagel is an experienced change manager and strategist for the public sector. At local, national and international level. Working for and contributing to creating public value. Marjolein has an education in Literature and Arts. She has worked for united nation programmes for several years, in Guinea Bissau, Philippines and Geneva. She loves traveling and literally: discovering new worlds. Now she is dedicated to inspiring leadership in the world to work on a healthy and sustainable future. Personally she is inspired by nature, long distance hikes, her four sons and love for developing consciousness.


Dr. Mazal Shaul, Israel

Dr. Mazal Shaul is the Executive Director of  WePower , a non-partisan  NGO trains women to public and political leadership positions, raises awareness to the gender gap and leads legislation on gender-equality issues in Israel. Mazal holds a Ph.D. and served in managerial positions in companies such as Hadassah hospital and Teva.

She serves in her third term as a Council Member in Azor local municipality and served as the local Commissioner for the Advancement of the Status of Women and Gender Equality, Chairwomen of the Community Center,  head of Parents Committee and Board of Directors’ member of the Economic company.

In 2018 she gained 35% support while running for mayoral position and lead a national coalition of 28 women’s organizations, aimed to increase the number of women candidates in the municipal elections. She was a speaker in the UN’s Conference on the Status of Women (CSW).

Merav Niram, Israel

Merav Niram is a founder and CEO of the BeYou center, a center for empowerment and personal growth. Leading personal, team and management workshops tailored to pushing our boundaries and achieving our dreams.  Points of you certified expert instructor, leading points of you academy workshops in Israel training organizational advisors and corporate staff in meaningful communications and initiating change and development using creative tools.

Her motto, “Change almost always starts when we are open and ready to take a chance and look at things from new perspectives.”

Passionate in leading and designing experiential learning experiences throughout her work. Has co-founded a leading chain of escape rooms in Israel doubling as a development tool alongside an engaging entertainment activity.

Her mission is to help people and especially women to found their strengths and increases their limits.

Oana Juncu, France

Oana likes the name herself a Business DJ who mixes  practices help people to collaborate, thrive, and be proud of their outcomes

She holds an MS in Computer Sciences and her background in IT, helped her discover the cooperative approach of working in teams that is called Agile.

She believes that a group of people who work as a team, need to find the harmony between being together and doing together. Therefore she works with different types of organisations who are willing to implement cooperative ways of working, both as a facilitator and team coach and as a business coach, introducing practices like Design Thinking and User Experience.

Oana is passionate by the potential of human collaboration and she’s a certified LEGO Serious Play facilitator and a systemic constellation coach.

Petra van Dieren, Netherlands

Petra can be described as a curious entrepreneurial free spirit who believes in energy, co-creation and achieving results through people. Her mission is to contribute to well-being of the whole by enabling personal development on all levels; physically, mentally and spiritually.

She has been serving this mission for the last 20 years in the corporate world as a Health and Safety professional who defines and drives change strategies and leads and builds international teams. She has worked for companies like General Electric, AkzoNobel, Dawn Foods and Heineken.

During her career she experienced the importance of conscious leadership and is focused on developing her own leadership, by leading her life from inspiration, for the last years. From this learning she had coached and facilitated on multiple international personal leadership programs.

Petra takes care of her own well-being by continuous learning, writing, teaching Chineng Qigong classes, meditation, following yoga classes, travel with friends, appreciating sisterhood an cherish soul connections.

Sonali Deshpande, India

Sonali Deshpande is from Pune, India. She is the Chairperson of the Persistent Foundation for the last 10 years. The duty of conducting Corporate Social Responsibility is undertaken by the Foundation. They work in the areas of Health, Education and Community Development in India. She has been very closely and actively involved in policy making, project approval and execution.

She has also been a Kindergarten teacher for the last 20 years. Her experience with little kids gives her keen intuition and empathy towards people.

She loves travelling, meeting people and learning about different cultures. She loves eating good food and spending quality time with close friends and family. She is devoted to her husband and kids and loves cooking for them.

Her strength lies in her dedication and commitment towards her work as well as her family.
She is looking to enhance her personality and be a better person.

Staci Cross, USA – Kansas

Staci Cross has a mission to raise the consciousness of the planet through the positive energy of healthy people.  She is the founder of Enjoy Pure Food + Drink, a franchise prototype that offers mostly plant-based, high-vibration, organic, and intentionally sourced food and drink.  Previously, she founded another national company that educated and served first-time parents in all 50 U.S. states; after working for CBS Television for 20 years.  She loves her daily meditation and nature walking practice.  Her mantra is “to serve by holding a field of love, providing a safe and sacred space for healing and transformation.”

She has been married for 27 years and has two amazing sons, Keaton – 24, and Kellen – 19.


Susan Popler, USA – California

Susan Popler is a program management and business development executive working with University of Southern California’s Shoah Foundation (USCSF). The foundation’s mission is to develop empathy, understanding and respect by educating people about genocide and crimes against humanity through the voices of survivors. She is currently Director of the Visual History Archive and Global Museum Engagement Programs where she is driving initiatives to reimagine how audiences access, engage with and learn from survivor’s stories with the goal of expanding global reach, increasing interactions and impact. Prior to joining USC, Susan was Executive Director of Production Operations at Time Inc. During her 18 year tenure, she worked with magazines such as Time, Life, People, InStyle, and Fortune and held positions across various departments including Program Management, Advertising Sales and Marketing, Production and Quality Management.  Susan lives in Los Angeles California with her husband Don.

Tevis Trower, USA – NewYork

Tevis is a pioneer in optimizing corporate cultures.  Heralded in bestselling Megatrends 2010 as “corporate mindfulness guru”, Tevis assists organizations in optimizing their most precious assets:   human beings.  Adept at aligning leadership team behavior in support of cultural vision, she has created and facilitated initiatives for prestigious organizations including HBR Events, YPO, Chanel, KKR, PWC, Bloomberg, Viacom, Google, and The Economist on issues including mindfulness, resiliency, authenticity, innovation, and executive engagement.

You can find expert advice from Tevis in Forbes, Fortune, BusinessWeek, Glamour, YogaJournal, CIO, Pink, RealSimple, Crain’s, NY Post, Financial Times, WWD, MSNBC, FoxBusiness, and NY1.  As NYU Faculty teaching Business Creativity & Personal Mastery, Tevis also served as chair of the NY Yoga Teacher’s Association, and as worklife expert to WebMD and HuffPost. Her board service includes Conscious Capitalism NYC, American Diabetes Association, Center for Photography/Woodstock, and LiveWell Kingston.  Tevis is based in NYC and Woodstock.