Shakti Fellowship 2018-2019 – Impact Assessment

It gives us great pleasure and pride to share the  Impact Assessment Report of Shakti Fellowship 2018-2019.

This assessment was designed to evaluate the impact of the second cohort of the Shakti Leadership Fellowship Program. (The first to be run in partnership with the University of San Diego). Twenty women from different parts of the world joined the 9-month blended Exec Ed certificate course with the aim to become change makers based on the principles of Conscious Capitalism and modelling Shakti Leadership which balances masculine and feminine power for best results.

Participants represented nine countries and cultures (The United States, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, the Netherlands, India, Pakistan and Israel).

The results of these assessments indicate that all of the participants experienced personal growth, increased leadership capability and capacity, and an increase in their ability to lead positive change through their projects.

More specifically, they:

· Increased their self-awareness and presence

· Gained leadership tools and put them to use in their day-to-day experience

· Created projects that emanated from their true purpose and promise to increase peace, prosperity, and the creative force of Shakti in the world

Here are the links to the Assessment Report and annexures

Assessment Report of Shakti Fellowship 2018-2019
A list of Shakti Projects
A Sample Learning Journal
A sample Project Report