Presence & Flex

Develop A Conscious Leadership Culture With Presence and Flexibility

A Shakti Leadership Development Program

Why is a conscious leadership culture necessary now?

There are new competencies emerging that are the most essential to solve organizational challenges and to move in the direction of their vision. Organizations need leaders who can:
  • Demonstrate clear, confident, grounded and mature Presence
  • Intentionally Flex between healthy masculine and feminine leadership traits
  • Develop an intrinsic Power that is power-with instead of power-over
  • Put into Practice in a trusted team environment for root-level changes
  • Prepare themselves to Lead consciously in any situation.

How does an organization build these leadership competencies?

Shakti Leadership, in partnership with Tiara International, has designed an accessible and impactful program that makes the conceptual concrete and the theory practical.

The ingredients of this program include:

  • Taking baseline metrics of each participant’s competency in Presence and Flexing
  • Delivering 6 experiential 90 minutes virtual workshops over 3 months, with innovative concepts and tools and practices in between the workshops
  • Providing individual support to ensure practice, observation and learning
  • Establishing accountability partnerships between participants to deepen their learning inside their leadership journey and to support each other
  • Completing with metrics to illustrate the growth of participants

What is the essence of Presence & Flex leadership competencies?

From Shakti Leadership: Embracing Feminine and Masculine Power in Business written by Nilima Bhat and Raj Sisodia.
PRESENCE | A state in which one has nothing to reactively defend, promote or fear and is completely available to the moment.
This is an inner state of being.

FLEXIBILITY | The capacity to flex between healthy masculine and feminine power as the situation or context requires.
This is a way of thinking and behaving, for the good of the whole.

What are the outcomes I can expect?

  • Shared baseline conscious leadership awareness, language and tool set
  • Recognition and appreciation of diversity in authentic being, thoughts, behaviors
  • Heightened individual ownership and personal responsibility for modelling inclusive leadership and workplace culture