We have a global mission of certifying 100,000 Shakti Leaders by 2030. Once aligned to our shared universal values, these changemakers are supported to collaborate and create peace, prosperity and beauty through the exchange of multiple forms of capital.
If you are called to be a Shakti Leader, browse the many ways in which you can learn and lead through our programs.
There is a certification for different time and cost commitments, to suit your needs.
Welcome to the world of Shakti Leadership! One that works for all.

12-Week Group Self-Study Course

Content-rich ‘book club’ style Course on Seek LMS 

Online Course

18hr masterclass Video Course

Boutique-quality MasterClass with Nilima Bhat

Online Course

8-Week Live-taught Online Course

The Shakti Leadership model live-taught via zoom by Nilima Bhat. 

Live-Taught Online Course


Advanced Leadership Program for Women from Russia and BRICS.

Blended Course


Advanced Leadership Global Program for Women.

Blended Course

21 Days Shakti Leadership Challenge​

A step-by-step program to ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’

Free Resource Online

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