Conscious Capitalism® Fueled by Shakti Leadership

Corporate leaders and founder-entrepreneurs (including new start-ups) connect deeply with the mission and message of Conscious Capitalism®. But even as they envision a higher purpose, an inclusive culture and win-win stakeholder relations, they often struggle with the ‘how to’; many slip back into the old, default patterns and find their efforts distracted and diluted. Essentially, they are experiencing a crisis of leadership, and they long for a breakthrough. With the belief that Conscious Leadership is the key to unlocking the door to Conscious Capitalism®, co-authors Raj Sisodia and Nilima Bhat provide a fresh approach called Shakti Leadership (Berrett-Koehler, 2016) and new tools for leaders to apply on what is a Heroic Journey.

Five Elements of Shakti Leadership


An internal state where one is centered, authentic and secure; with nothing to defend, promote or fear


The capacity to use both masculine and feminine resources as the situation or context requires


The source of true power, which when accessed and harnessed, fuels individuals and organizations to come into their full potential and thrive


The ability to balance, integrate, and unite all divided and fragmented parts of oneself and the larger systems of which one is a part


To be clear, coherent and aligned to a higher purpose

Conscious Leadership

Women’s Leadership Programs

As organizations seek to increase the number of talented women in leadership roles and the talent pipeline, we offer ‘women-only’ transformational programs that build inner confidence and external effectiveness while providing a safe space for women at all levels to share, learn and grow. Our programs range from our Signature 2-day retreat to a 10-month long course.

Inclusive Leadership Programs

Some organizations are focused on creating more gender-inclusivity in their current leadership teams. Our half-day circles to 2-day retreats have a unique and powerful format where both men and women can learn from each other and grow together. Browse our in-depth 3-month intervention for Inclusive Leadership: Presence & Flex

Individual Coaching

We offer a 6-12 month coaching program that includes executive sponsorship and regular check-ins. Shakti Leadership provides enough structure for success while allowing for flexibility in the coaching relationship.

Keynotes and Workshops

We offer a range of keynotes and workshops (from 1-hour to 1-day) that are inspirational, experiential and immediately actionable.

Conscious Culture

Gender Balance | Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

While Gender Balance and D&I programs are now a strategic priority for most organizations, some teams face design challenges and others find themselves blocked in implementation. As always, Shakti Leadership serves as a foundation for thoughtful and creative consulting initiatives. Such projects typically are of a 3-12 month duration. (We also support organizations to leverage technology meaningfully, through the use of online Resource Groups & Community building.)
Browse our Signature Program for D&I: Presence & Flex

Higher Purpose

Vision/Mission Clarification

Many leaders drawn to Conscious Capitalism have a sense of their organization’s purpose and mission, but may not have articulated it sharply or communicated it clearly. We facilitate 1-2 day sessions to breathe new energy and clarity into that purpose; when it is Shakti-based, it can fuel the next phase of the organization’s journey.

Stakeholder Integration

Win-Win Programs

Conscious leaders recognize their organizations are part of an eco-system and hence it is important to engage all their stakeholders and take them along and in doing so, they find powerful ways to both give and receive. The often-missing piece is a platform and a methodology where diverse and different agendas have a voice and a space. Shakti Leadership provides exactly that, through a half-day to 2-day facilitated sessions, so organizations and stakeholders can evolve together.

Shakti Leadership: Collaborative and Customized Coaching, Training, Facilitation and Consulting

We are a carefully curated global network of world-class consultants and experts who are passionate about the tenets of Conscious Capitalism and experienced at delivering transformational results using creative, meaningful methods.
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