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‘Shakti Dialogue with Nili Goldfein – Top Five Axes to Transform Workplaces

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‘Shakti Dialogue with Nili Goldfein – Top Five Axes to Transform Workplaces

In this Shakti Dialogue Nili Goldfein, EVP of NGG (, Israel’s largest consulting company, outlines to Nilima Bhat, Coauthor Shakti Leadership (, the ‘Top 5’ things she feels are needed to transform workplaces.

Nili says, “Generally speaking there are five Axes that must shift and find a new delicate equilibrium between the 2 sides”:
  1. Technology – People: Give the machines all the repeatable work and stay focused on the added value of the human
  2. Groups – Individuals: Learn how to work together, as teams; paying respect to diversity of all kind; keeping ego on the side. Learn to work “right” with respect to everybody’s added value; even turning competitors to “co-opetition”
  3. “Real” world – “Virtual world: The Hybrid model. What is the right balance between working remotely and working in a “real” place (this applies also to learning processes and building communities)
  4. Left brain/ “Masculine” – Right brain/ “Feminine”: Analytical thinking (IQ) vs Emotions and Values (“EQ”/“SQ”)
  5. Global – Local: What’s the added value of the global arena for our business and what is (by choice) the respect for the local added values in culture/resources, etc.
Nili goes on to give great examples of how Israeli organizations and communities have risen to the Covid Challenge. A must watch for those of us who are always curious about how this incredible nation does things! Follow Nili’s blog here:

‘Ask the Expert’: More thoughts from Nili Goldfein and her email ID for further questions.

By Nilima Bhat |Oct 29th, 2020 | Shakti Dialogues

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