PodCast – Nilima Bhat – Discovering Shakti through Dance and Healing

19-May-2021 | Rohini Rathour for Interesting lives of Ordinary people(iLoOP)

I’ve known Nilima Bhat since I was 17, when I was living in India. She is one of those people who light up a room, a stage and the world they live in with their presence. She is the most talented, versatile and joyful dancers I know. Over the years I have fond memories of learning and performing various Indian folk dances and tableaus with her, choreographed to exquisite perfection by her. In the patchy tapestry of memories that is my life, times spent with her stand out bright, colourful and filled with joy.

SHE-UNPLUGGED Podcast by Anja Foerster with Nilima Bhat


She Unplugged features women and men who share incredible stories of success, transformation, following their dreams and stepping into their courage. This was a deep and wide exploration. I must commend Anja for doing such a great interview.

The Conscious Capitalists Podcast


Step into the power of the feminine in leading consciously!
Join Timothy Henry as he interviews his co-host Raj Sisodia and co-author, Nilima Bhat to discuss their book, Shakti Leadership: Embracing the Feminine and Masculine Power in Business.

Nilima Bhat’s interview with Naranjan Nota, host of ‘Master of your Crafts’ Podcast.


Through one-on-one interviews, Naranjan goes on a journey to capture the essence of being in the alignment of one’s soul self. She titled this one ‘Corporate Confines’.

Nilima Bhat on How Power is Something That Must Be Earned PODCAST with Dov Pollack


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Nilima Bhat talks about Joseph Campbell and the transformative power of his “hero’s journey” theory
  • How Nilima reconnected with her spirituality and reconstructed her u nderstanding of success and happiness
  • Dov talks about the impact Joseph Campbell had on his perception of purpose as a young professional
  • Recovering your identity and accessing your inner power as a leader
  • How Nilima defines wholeness in her book, Shakti Leadership: Embracing Feminine and Masculine Power in Business
  • The challenges women face in leadership positions–and how to embrace your own “heroine’s journey”
  • The importance of flexibility in Nilima’s Shakti Leadership model
  • How to discover your purpose and earn power as an effective leader
  • Three ways that we tend to give up our power according to the Enneagram Triads: head, heart, and gut
  • Nilima’s perspective on the future of female leadership

Ashutosh Garg engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Nilima Bhat, Founder- ‘Shakti Leadership’, and Director- ‘Roots and Wings Consulting’


In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Nilima Bhat, Founder- ‘Shakti Leadership’, and Director- ‘Roots and Wings Consulting’. Nilima is a well-known author and an exceptional speaker. Nilima shares the three key milestones of her life. She talks about how she contributes to empowering young minds through her involvement in Shakti Leadership.

Are You Ready for Your Hero Journey? Dr. Keren Tsuk with Nilima Bhat

16 Aug 2020

Dr. Keren is based in Israel and we covered what Shakti Leadership means, and how we can better lead in these uncertain times.

Nilima talks about how ‘Healthy blend of Masculine and Feminine values are needed as a GPS for navigating through crisis’.

04 May 2020

The Thank God it’s Monday Challenge is a space where international thought leaders will share their particular vision of how the world should change after coronavirus. A 30-minute eye-opening discussion to help us navigate this crisis with a more optimistic mindset.

EChapter 7 – Shakti Leadership – A practical Model for Attentive Leadership

20 Oct 2019

Nilima Bhatt shares exciting sincerity about how a new leadership is formed and formed in the world – the Shakti leadership. It is a powerful international model for conscious and attentive leadership that crosses gender and gender, yoga-based and attentive capitalism values.

Grey Matters Now – 07 with Nilima Bhat. Shakti

7th May 2018 – By Nilima Bhat

Last year I had the honor of speaking with Nilima Bhat about her new book, workshop and lecture series Shakti Leadership : Embracing Feminine and Masculine Power in Business. Nilima is a world renowned author, speaker, facilitator and visionary and may be one of the most insightful, bright, and balanced souls I have ever met. The principles of Shakti leadership are applicable and can be integrated not only to big businesses but to any system or organization. I think we all are aware that inequality, sexual misconduct, and the abuse of power and control to mistreat others exists and most know it is wrong.

International Women’s Day with Nilima Bhat

8th March 2018

Bodhi Spiritual Center is a non-religious spiritual community in Chicago, IL. We awaken individuals to live their inherent power and purpose. Through unconditional love, creativity and conscious community, we reveal Oneness in service of the people of Chicago and beyond.

Ep. 6 – Nilima Bhat

15th Oct 2017


Nilima is from India. Following a succesful career as a business executive . Several years ago she began her search for meaning and purpose and embraced yoga as a well being practice and this sparked her journey for self awareness, personal transformation and self-mastery and she began another journey to bring these concepts to business.

Everybody Matters Podcast: Raj Sisodia and Nilima Bhat

3rd Aug 2016

“Vulnerability is not a liability, it’s an ability.” Raj was speaking about the benefits of bringing both the masculine and feminine sides of our psyche that exists inside every one of us to our leadership every day. Moving from leadership that is about acquiring power to leadership that nurtures and inspires people.

Cathy Talks to Co Author Nilima Bhat On Her Book Shakti Leadership


“Shakti Leadership is not about using people for your objectives but about serving them and being a good steward of their lives.” Very interesting interview. Listen, learn and laugh.

Nilima Bhat at the Soulmate Within Summit 2016

14 Apr 2016

In this conversation, Nilima Bhat, co-author of Shakti Leadership, speaks to Shakti Malan on embracing both the feminine and masculine aspects of leadership, at the Soulmate Within Summit in April 2016. Shakti Malan facilitates the awakening of conscious sexuality for women and men across the world. She has a passion for spiritual awakening, a deep love for people and a unique understanding of the body and sexuality.