Nilima Bhat’s interview for a major Mexican magazine, Empoderamia

Apr 2022

What do I see in Mexico? Mexico is a very interesting market for Shakti leadership and women’s entrepreneurship, in several ways the Latin culture is similar to that of India, there is a great opportunity for economy, heart and joie de vivre. That’s very Shakti!
Nilima Bhat – Empowerment (

Nilima Bhat’s inspiring story in NavdihniMe, Slovenian online news portal.

05 Feb 2021

Nilima says “Take what life gives and make something great out of it”

Nilima Bhat’s interview by Katja Cah, The Slovenia Times

16 March 2020

Nilima talks about ‘A woman has power to give life and take it’


Being Present May Be The Key To Good Leadership

18th April 2018

I recently had a conversation with Nilima Bhat, author of Shakti Leadership and executive coach, about the idea of what it takes to step into your true power. The type of power that is gentle, inclusive, magnetic, and aligned. She described to me a powerful concept called executive presence. “Executive presence is when you are in a state, where you have nothing to defend, nothing to promote, or nothing to fear,” she says.

How to Add More Feminine to Your Leadership

5th July 2016

We have been conditioned to see the world as either/or: us/them, men/women, owners/employees,costs/benefits, internal/external. Our tendency to see things as either one way or the other not only makes invisible anything and anybody that transcends such a binary, it also precludes our innate ability to embody our own wholeness. Ask a colleague if they see themselves as whole, and they will likely look at you quizzically.


The end of hypermasculine leadership, the beginning of ‘shakti’

30th June 2016

On a mellow, rainy afternoon in Mumbai, the façade of the iconic Taj Hotel is put through a structural spruce-up – a nail hammered in here, a pipe welded into place there. It’s probably a routine maintenance job, but the supervisor, who is precariously balanced on a ladder, eggs on a worker, his tone firm yet gentle. “ Dil lagaake karo [put your heart into it].”

Shakti: The Power Base for Conscious Capitalism

29th March 2016

Recent years have brought a dawning realization that we need to rethink the foundational bases of capitalism, starting with the idea that it is solely rooted in the pursuit of narrowly construed and material self-interest. Human beings have multiple primal drives, including the need to survive and the need to care. Love and work define what it means to be human.