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7. Shakti Speaks – The Dialogue continues

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Real questions from real women still to be explored in this space include:

Caring for others without losing ourselves

  • How do we balance our giving and receiving needs in any relationship
  • Why are women more likely to be ridden by guilt?
  • Contrary to “ladies first”, why do women put themselves “last” from serving, making the bed to looking after their health?

Unfair Expectations

  • In a family, why is the daughter’s role (even in ‘enlightened and educated’ families) placed second to the son’s?
  • Why cannot a woman or girl Be or Do what she wishes to do without any fear of rejection from society or family?
  • Why is it expected of a woman (by default) to be answerable for the upbringing and safety of children?
  • Do we as women always have feel the pressure to prove ourselves to those we know and love and also to those who we may cross paths with at any time?

Fears of Violation and Loss

  • How do we fight this constant fear of losing our loved ones?
  • Why is the most independent amongst us still terrified of the thought of physical violence/violation
  • In today’s day and time, safety of our children (especially if a girl) makes us paranoid as mothers. In doing so, are we making a mistake by getting overly protective?
  • Why is the female child always over protected instead training her or equipping her for her own defence? Why does she have to live with fear in her own house, town, country?

By Nilima Bhat | Feb 18th, 2021 | Shakti Speaks

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