The Journey through
The Five Elements of Shakti Leadership
embodied in its Yantra (Power Symbol):

The central dot: Presence: a state in which you have nothing to defend, promote or fear and are completely at home in the moment
Maps on to the Space Element as the still, witnessing state of consciousness itself, the emptyfullness

The inverted triangle: Shakti: the regenerative and creative womb and fiercely loving power that fuels all creation and animates consciousness
Maps on to the Air Element as the freely available breath available to all life, permeating everything and of which there is enough for everyone

The bottom left triangle: Wholeness: the ability to balance, integrate, and unite all the divided and fragmented parts of oneself
Maps on to the Earth Element, with the grid of squares representing the stable ground needed to anchor the  remaining two capacities

The bottom right triangle: Flexibility: the capacity to flex between masculine and feminine power as the situation or context requires
Maps on to the Water Element, with the grid of waves reminding us to remain in constant flow with the energies between all polarities

The top triangle: Congruence: to be centered, authentic and coherent, so that everything is in alignment with one’s higher purpose
Maps on the Fire Element, with the grid of vertical lines denoting the focus and intense aspiration needed to stay true to our swadharma

The outer circle: The Heroic Journey: the journey of coming into our own power and becoming the person and leader we are meant to be
Maps on to the ‘Cycle’ of the Five Elements that flow in Nature as a continuous descent and ascent of consciousness

In yogic tradition, a yantra is a geometric representation of Shakti;
meditating on which the power and capacities it represents are activated within the meditator.
The central dot is called the ‘
bindu’ and serves to unify and harmonise the Self.

Focus on the
bindu while keeping the whole figure in your awareness.
Inhale and open up to the Higher Self, exhale and offer up your ego to this void
“I AM here now; All I need is within me; All I need comes to me; I AM whole and I flow with ease; I AM my purpose manifest”
Close with giving thanks for Shakti’s grace, guidance and protection on the journey.