Conscious Capitalism® Fueled by Shakti Leadership

Corporate leaders and founder-entrepreneurs (including new start-ups) connect deeply with the mission and message of Conscious Capitalism®. But even as they envision a higher purpose, an inclusive culture and win-win stakeholder relations, they often struggle with the ‘how to’; many slip back into the old, default patterns and find their efforts distracted and diluted. Essentially, they are experiencing a crisis of leadership, and they long for a breakthrough. With the belief that Conscious Leadership is the key to unlocking the door to Conscious Capitalism®, co-authors Raj Sisodia and Nilima Bhat provide a fresh approach called Shakti Leadership (Berrett-Koehler, 2016) and new tools for leaders to apply on what is a Heroic Journey.

Five Elements of Shakti Leadership


An internal state where one is centered, authentic and secure; with nothing to defend, promote or fear


The source of true power, which when accessed and harnessed, fuels individuals and organizations to come into their full potential and thrive


The ability to balance, integrate, and unite all divided and fragmented parts of oneself and the larger systems of which one is a part


The capacity to use both masculine and feminine resources as the situation or context requires


To be clear, coherent and aligned to a higher purpose

We have developed offerings tailored to each of the tenets of Conscious Capitalism: conscious leadership, conscious cultures, higher purpose and stakeholder integration. Consider each of the high-level descriptions below as gateways to further conversation. Depending on the stage of your organization’s journey, what are you drawn to explore further?

Conscious Leadership

Women’s Leadership Programs

As organizations seek to increase the number of talented women in leadership roles and the talent pipeline, we offer ‘women-only’ transformational programs that build inner confidence and external effectiveness while providing a safe space for women at all levels to share, learn and grow. Our programs range from our Signature 2-day retreat to a 10-month long course.

Inclusive Leadership Programs

Some organizations are focused on creating more gender-inclusivity in their current leadership teams. Our half-day circles to 2-day retreats have a unique and powerful format where both men and women can learn from each other and grow together.

Browse our in-depth 3-month intervention for Inclusive Leadership: Presence & Flex

Individual Coaching

We offer a 6-12 month coaching program that includes executive sponsorship and regular check-ins. Shakti Leadership provides enough structure for success while allowing for flexibility in the coaching relationship.

Keynotes and Workshops

We offer a range of keynotes and workshops (from 1-hour to 1-day) that are inspirational, experiential and immediately actionable.

Conscious Culture

Gender Balance | Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

While Gender Balance and D&I programs are now a strategic priority for most organizations, some teams face design challenges and others find themselves blocked in implementation. As always, Shakti Leadership serves as a foundation for thoughtful and creative consulting initiatives. Such projects typically are of a 3-12 month duration. (We also support organizations to leverage technology meaningfully, through the use of online Resource Groups & Community building.)

Browse our Signature Program for D&I: Presence & Flex

Higher Purpose

Vision/Mission Clarification

Many leaders drawn to Conscious Capitalism have a sense of their organization’s purpose and mission, but may not have articulated it sharply or communicated it clearly. We facilitate 1-2 day sessions to breathe new energy and clarity into that purpose; when it is Shakti-based, it can fuel the next phase of the organization’s journey.

Stakeholder Integration

Win-Win Programs

Conscious leaders recognize their organizations are part of an eco-system and hence it is important to engage all their stakeholders and take them along  and in doing so, they find powerful ways to both give and receive. The often-missing piece is a platform and a methodology where diverse and different agendas have a voice and a space. Shakti Leadership provides exactly that, through a half-day to 2-day facilitated sessions, so organizations and stakeholders can evolve together.

Shakti Leadership: Collaborative and Customized Coaching, Training, Facilitation and Consulting

We are a carefully curated global network of world-class consultants and experts who are passionate about the tenets of Conscious Capitalism and experienced at delivering transformational results using creative, meaningful methods.

Raj Sisodia

Co-author, Shakti Leadership – Embracing Feminine & Masculine Power in Business, and a thought-leader of the Conscious Capitalism movement, Raj Sisodia is the FW Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business and Whole Foods Market Research Scholar in Conscious Capitalism at Babson College. He is also Co-Founder and Co-Chairman and trustee of Conscious Capitalism Inc. Named one of €œTen Outstanding Trailblazers of 2010€ by Good Business International, and one of the €œTop 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior€ by Trust Across America for 2010 and 2011, Raj has consulted with and taught executive programs for numerous companies, including AT&T, Nokia, LG, DPDHL, POSCO, Kraft Foods, Whole Foods Market, Tata, Siemens, Sprint, Volvo, IBM, Walmart, Rabobank, McDonalds and Southern California Edison. He serves on the Board of Directors at The Container Store.

Nilima Bhat

Co-author, Shakti Leadership – Embracing Feminine & Masculine Power in Business; and My Cancer is Me – The journey from Illness to Wholeness. Nilima is a Conscious Leadership and Integral Health expert. She facilitates personal transformation, gender reconciliation and diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She has 24+ years of global corporate experience and consciousness-based health and growth training. She has lived in Germany, Singapore, UK and Hong Kong and has spent the last few years between India and the US, serving as guest faculty at the Whole Foods Academy for Conscious Leadership, Bentley University, Babson College and Esalen. She is also actively involved with supporting the Conscious Capitalism Movement and WIN (Women’s International Network). Her client base includes multinational organizations like Tata Consultancy Services, Societe Generale Bank, Microsoft, Vodafone and the YPO.

Vijay Bhat

Vijay helps people (and organizations) who find themselves in transition and are challenged by the turbulence that inevitably accompanies it. He specializes in strategic consulting, leadership development, group training and individual coaching. Previously, he has served in various leadership positions and worked with global corporations in India and around the world, including as Regional Strategy Director for Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific. He has been a guest faculty at the Whole Foods Academy for Conscious Leadership and Esalen, and at leading Business Schools like the Indian Insititute of Management and the Indian School of business. His blue-chip clients include Bank of America, Ericsson, Fidelity, IBM, Nike, Nivea, Ogilvy & Mather, Societe Generale, Unilever, Vodafone, Western Union, Wholefoods, WPP Group & the YPO. Vijay is a 15-year cancer ‘thriver’ and the co-author of My Cancer Is Me – The Journey from Illness to Wholeness. His journey has been well-covered in the media and he is a sought-after keynote speaker.

Betsy Sobiech

Betsy Sobiech is an expert in organization development, change management, human behavior, training, systems thinking, communications and leadership coaching. Betsy often serves as the lead designer on complex projects. She is gifted about taking complex issues and problems and seeing creative solutions that cause results immediately. Her design approach includes articulating business and cultural outcomes, then creating a design that is accessible and effective, each step of the way. As a coach and consultant, Betsy has worked with organizations such as Allstate, McDonald’s, Pepsico, Exxon Mobil Aviation, Hewitt Associates, Clearbrook, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, Mesirow Financial, McKechnie Vehicle Components, Nicor Gas, NiSource, St. Gregory the Great High School, and Standard Parking. Betsy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Religion from Truman State University and Master’s Degree in Organization Development from Loyola University Chicago.

Rukmini Iyer

Rukmini is a leadership facilitator, coach and organizational transformation consultant. She’s also a trained conflict resolution specialist and peacebuilder. She runs a proprietary consulting firm Exult! Solutions and a peacebuilding platform called The Womb Tales. She also serves as a Director on the Board of Quantei South Asia Pvt Ltd and leads the Human Capital function for the organization across Asia. She is also a Global Peace Index Ambassador for the Institute for Economics and Peace. She is certified to use wide variety of approaches including conscious and unconscious human process work, whole systems thinking, Appreciative Inquiry, Non-Violent Communication, Neuro Linguistic Programming, etc. Working on advocating conscious capitalism, integrating feminine values in business and generating alternative economic concepts for sustainable businesses are very close to her heart. Some of her clients include the Tata Group, Mahindra Group, Blue Star, Vodafone, Accenture, VFS Global, Lafarge, etc. Rukmini leads virtual and local peace circles regularly and also works on some Track Two diplomacy projects to further world peace. In the past, Rukmini was employed with top organizations and academic institutions in India and Singapore in mid-management and leadership roles. Academically, she has Master’s degrees in Industrial Psychology as well as Management after a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. She is a recipient of Rotary Peace Fellowship the World Human Resources Board Fellowship.

Lisa Schenk, Ph.D

Lisa Schenk has spent the last 25 years working to improve people’s experience in organizations, making those organizations more effective. She is a highly sought after executive coach and facilitator on topics ranging form strategic planning to personal presence. This duality, in fact, is what makes Lisa’s practice unique. She brings perspective from academia, business, and spiritual disciplines to support leaders and their teams in moving from high-performance to hyper-performance. Lisa has taught at the University of California’s Marshall School of Business, worked for McKinsey and Co., and led HR for a global professional services firm. Her clients include The Walt Disney Company, United Airlines, The Gap, Van Cleef & Arpels, Holland America Cruise Lines, McKinsey & Co., DaVita. She is the President of the Los Angeles Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and is working on a book about Wild Women and the bold moves they make!

Kimberli Hudson

Kimberli Hudson is an expert in entrepreneurship with over 25 years of experience in business development, leadership, finance and finding a way to get things done! A serial entrepreneur who has owned 13 companies across a wide range of sectors including entertainment, investment, specialty food manufacturing and environmental engineering, Kimberli revels in the challenge and delight of starting and growing businesses.  She serves on the board of Conscious Capitalism Los Angeles and is writing a book about how to start and grow your business and be financially successfully without burning out.

Michelle Waters

Michelle founded Interchange Consulting and Conscious. Money coaching. She is an expert in organizational gender lens assessment and strategy designed to advance a more balanced feminine/masculine leadership paradigm aligned to business values and goals. Her clients benefit from bespoke solutions designed to foster transformational change in organizations and people. Michelle is co-author, The Orange Line: A Woman’s Guide to Integrating Career, Family & Life based on 118 interviews of women across the US. The book sheds light on a woman’s self-limiting beliefs she coined the Feminine Filter and provides the skills and tools women needed to integrate a fulfilling professional, family/personal life. Michelle pioneered major diversity initiatives to further the advancement of women by co-founding the Victorian Work/Life Association, Australia a Think Tank for leaders, government and policy makers; designing/implementing an Award winning employer of choice Strategy for Women; designing and implementing the HR Policy & Diversity Framework for a national Australian Bank; leading multi cultural teams across 5 geographic regions to expand and spearhead an online Diversity tool for Fortune 100/500 clients including IBM; and appearing before Senate inquiry into work based child care. Her skill set includes, leadership, strategy/implementation, qualitative and quantitate assessment, managing global teams, curricula design, benchmarking, and M&E. In the U.S. and Australia she has held SVP, VP roles in Diversity & HR Policy, Business Development and General Management. As a consultant, she has worked with small business, higher education and Fortune 100 and 500 companies developing strategy and providing diversity and inclusion online solutions in 26 countries. Michelle holds a M. Mgt. and B.Sp Ed. Monash University, Australia, is a Certified Money Behavior Coach (CMC)® and completed the Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School, She is the Women’s Adviser for Braid Theory and Board Treasurer for eChange Endeavors. She is a founding member of Beaconhills College.

Quanita Roberson M.A.

Quanita Roberson is a personal and professional development resource dedicated to addressing embedded trauma through healing workshops, retreats, and rituals, Quanita is an international spiritual teacher, speaker, author, and life coach. In 2016 she presented at the NAACP National Convention on Community/Police Relations and served as the Keynote Speaker for The National Diversity Conference in Brazil. She holds a master’s degree in Organizational Management and Development with a concentration in Integral Theory. Quanita is a keeper of ancient indigenous wisdom from the Dagara Tribe of Burkina Faso, West Africa. As a water spirit, she brings the gifts of forgiveness and reconciliation to the world-serving as a peacemaker and bridge builder to communities around the world.

Sample Offerings

Signature program: The Heroic Journey to Shakti Leadership (2-days)

To come into their true power as conscious leaders and to become whole, congruent and flexible, both men and women need to journey. This heroic journey is a coming-of-age quest from one’s untested innocence to masterful maturity. Even if it is experienced as deeply personal, the process is completely universal and surprisingly little-known. We draw from Joseph Campbell and Maureen Murdock’s work around the similarities and differences in the mythic Hero and Heroine’s journeys and apply it to modern leadership (and life). Participants will reflect on the road-map, the milestones, the destination and the fuel, individually and together. They will also bust their conditioned and limiting beliefs, face their deepest fears and reclaim their power to be fully authentic. This 2-day immersive and experiential retreat will be engaging and exhilarating because it will help participants discover their Shakti – the power within – as well as their emerging life-purpose to embody it in the outer world.

Why is Gender Balance and Inclusive Culture necessary now?

There are new competencies emerging that are the most essential to solve organizational challenges and to move in the direction of their vision. Organizations need leaders who can:

  • Demonstrate clear, confident, grounded and mature Presence
  • Intentionally Flex between healthy masculine and feminine leadership traits
  • Develop an intrinsic Power that is power-with instead of power-over
  • Put into Practice in a trusted team environment for root-level changes
  • Prepare themselves to Lead consciously in any situation

How does an organization build these leadership competencies?

Shakti Leadership, in partnership with Tiara International, has designed an accessible and impactful program that makes the conceptual concrete and the theory practical.

Read here the Program Outline and Highlights of a recent pilot.

Signature Program: The Inclusive ‘I’ @ Work (90min – 180min)

For Diversity, Inclusion, Equity & Belonging

As organizations look to raise Diversity & Inclusion, Equity & Belonging in the workplace, the goal of this workshop is to directly address the core driver of human behavior that lies at the heart of all four, i.e. our IDENTITY. The personal sense of ‘I’ that we bring to work. In this stimulating and deeply reflective workshop you will get to unpeel the many layered onion of your identity and discover what is at its core. You will also discover what lies at the core of others that is different, yet as deeply held as you do yours.

Through a personal identity inventory, working on triads, a powerful framework of levels of consciousness, and a simple practice, you will learn how to hold your unique identity lightly and most importantly, get started on building your inclusive ‘I’, the psychological self leaders need to cultivate if you are tasked with building D&I, E&B in your team and organization.

Leadership Circles (90 – 180 min) Women Only

As women seek to reclaim their power and step up into leadership roles, they need to get real with their deepest hopes, fears and needs. A methodology that is both traditional and contemporary, the Shakti Circle is a safe and potent space for collective inquiry and group processing. When we can tend with affection and compassion to that which is not being said, and allow it expression without judgment, a new energy is released which heals and transforms individuals as well as the collective, taking us to a whole new level of trust, fellowship, understanding and action. Nilima has facilitated Shakti circles with women from Rome and Delhi to Prague, Berlin and Boston. Each is a unique experience, co-created by the vital voices and energies that participants bring. The power of a circle is immense, and lasting shifts are often experienced.

Men & Women (Gender Sensitization)

To survive and thrive as a company, community, nation and species, men and women have to work together. Each needs to reclaim their true power in order to fully step into leadership roles; and appreciate their equality and oneness, as well as their unique and beautiful differences. Using the Shakti Circle methodology, men and women are able to unfold a profound compassion (Buddhists call this Mahakaruna) as they understand and forgive themselves and each other, put the past wounds of blame, resentment and judgement behind them and take away a lasting sense of respect for each other’s reality, acceptance of their interdependent existence and a shared sense of responsibility for the future. (Note: Shakti Circles can also be done for Cross-cultural and Inter-generational sensitisation.)

Dialogue Circle (for Diversity & Inclusion)

If we have to survive and thrive as a community or company, we need a culture that values different perspectives and creatively leverages them into a high-performing and cohesive whole. The Dialogue Circle is a powerful and safe space that allows for diverse perspectives to be shared and excluded voices to be aired. When facilitated with care, we can speak authentically and listen deeply to some of the burning issues that occupy our hearts and minds, bodies and souls as we get to work each day. Taking us to a whole new level of trust, fellowship, understanding and action. The reconciling power of a circle is immense, and can be the single most powerful intervention to drive rapid shifts in attitude, behavior and culture change.

Keynotes/ short workshops (30-75 min)

Shakti Leadership: Leveraging Feminine & Masculine Power in Business (75 min)

Why lead with only half of one’s power? The prevailing leadership paradigm overemphasizes masculine values such as confidence, competition and decisiveness, often to the neglect of vulnerability, collaboration and openness; and focuses primarily on an outside-in, competency-based approach. This workshop aims to awaken both men and women to their innate feminine leadership capacities, through an inside-out, consciousness-based approach, that connects them directly to their authentic, resilient, life-affirming and regenerative core, their Shakti. Using experiential and self-reflective tools such as the Presence Practice and Masculine & Feminine Leadership Style Assessment, participants will learn how to flex between their masculine and feminine nature, to come into their true power.

Shakti Leadership: The Wise Fool of Tough Love (30 min)

The core insight of Shakti Leadership are the four primary drives that we are all churned by: Kama – Mara – Maya – Vidya (Or Eros – Thanatos – Mythos – Logos) and the four powers latent within us that alone can master them. Through the paradox of the wise-fool and tough-love, participants will discover the sweet spot where they can come into their fullness as leaders and flow with freedom and fulfilment.

Presence Practice (30 min)

‘Presence’ is that state of inner poise where a Conscious Leader is located first, before becoming an effective change-agent. Presence is also the source of Shakti, the true power that fuels all ‘doing’. Participants will learn to access and cultivate this internal state through a profoundly simple Shakti Presence Practice, using the Five signals of Presence, from the foundation of a relaxed body: Even breath, Clear mind, Open heart, Sensitive sonar and Energetic induction.

Dance of the Five Elements: Embracing change by moving through Presence (60 min)

According to Indian wisdom, Creation is essentially the divine inter-play of the five fundamental elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Each element has its unique movement, emotion, quality and nature. Participants are guided to find these elements within themselves and set them free through creative movement based on yoga, music and dance. This brings them into balance and harmony with themselves as well as with their context; it also proves therapeutic and de-stressing on all levels. The learnings from this deceptively simple workshop are deep and long-lasting; participants gain valuable insights that are immediately transferable to their work-life: how to embrace change and turbulence, even as they remain firmly grounded in Presence.

Write to us at to know more about any of our offerings.