We cultivate Presence to get in touch with our wholeness and to realize that all we need is within us at any given moment and always has been. With that realization comes a feeling of serenity and a sense of confidence. You know that Shakti is always accessible within you; you don’t need to find it from somewhere outside of yourself. How can we cultivate a state of Presence? By using the Presence practice described in video. With enough practice, we can cultivate a state of full presence as our default state, ready to take on anything life brings to us.


Here are the affirmations to accompany the practice:

I have nothing to defend
I have nothing to promote
I have nothing to fear

I am here now

All I need is within me
All I need comes to me
All I need flows through me

I am enough
I have enough
There is enough for all


This practice is adapted from the one synthesized by Vijay Bhat and Hank Fieger, conscious leadership coaches who teach Executive Presence. It works very well for busy, stressed, and rushed people to move into a state of Presence.

Below is an even shorter version when needed just before a challenging meeting!