Turning eros to Eros



eros is the unconscious sexual drive / instinct. It arouses lust in us; and left unchecked, it turns to aggression, thanatos.

Yet, it is the Vital, the life-force and needed to perpetuate Life.

Instead of being suppressed (through vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience) as in the many male spiritual traditions, perhaps Female Spirituality, which is based on embodiment rather than simply enlightenment, has the key and therefore the responsibility to make conscious the drive.

When expressed as Eros, it is what lends the RASA to Life. Making Life juicy and joyful. And expressed not just through love-making of a couple, but as the heightened taste and textures of good food, Art, Relationship, Beauty, Nature. All creative expressions of Shiva-Shakti saamrasya. The experience of the elixir that flows when Shiva and Shakti are in holy embrace.

When the god eros marries the girl psyche who has come-of-age, the offspring is called Delight. We are invited to call that Delight, Eros.

It will bring the sweetness to Life that will fulfil our Human birth.

Quenching our longing for the Beloved, through all Human acts, interactions and experience. Giving it Purpose.

A yogini can begin the process when she channels her eros towards such heightened and deepened expressions. She can initiate her partner in the act of sacred love making. She can turn her cooking, her art, her dance, her song, her leadership into Eros. By adding her soul shakti to her life-force, as she expresses and embodies both, together.

Modelling and transmitting Rasa-anubhav, the inner experience, as Rasaanubhaav its outer expression. Being and sharing the REAL TASTE OF LIFE. DIVINE LIFE.

We know the Shakti who enables this process as the Mahavidya, Lalita. Let us invoke Her to bless us on this great and most necessary quest. If we are to stop the battle of the sexes and become fully and truly Human.


Turning logos to Logos



What would be the other great work of our time then? Turning logos to Logos. The parallel journey needed to achieve Embodiment, is that of Enlightenment. The quest to embrace mythos by making the magical, creative invisible possibilities visible. Holding them in the Light of Awareness, in a playful childlike way; letting each Word reveal its greater, more complete Truth. As whole-brain thinking


This seems to be an adventure that would call the curious thinkers, the open rationalists. We need many good men and women with a well-honed scientific temper, to answer that call. It will bring the Awe to Life that will quench our thirst for Meaning.

When eros and thanatos are integrated consciously, they become Eros.

When logos and mythos are similarly integrated, they become Logos.

Together they meet our quest for Purpose and Meaning.

We cannot successfully complete one journey without also undertaking the other.

And, to make these journeys with least suffering to self and others, the invitation is to undertake both consciously, i.e. from Presence.

When all sexes can integrate Eros and Logos, we become the Whole Man, Whole Woman, Whole Human.

Savouring the ANANDA, the innate DELIGHT of EXISTENCE itself.

As the symphony of resonant Song and Dance it seems to have been playfully and joyfully created for!

What a grand design.

Wishing us rapture and awe through each Holy Season.

Nilima Bhat


Please do  listen to my conversation with  Heinz Robert, Knowledge Architect, Connection Catalyst, Communications Alchemyst. Heinz is collecting a series of contributions for his project  Vibrant Collaboration  and upcoming book on

How more honesty and intimacy in teams leads to better collaboration.

We had a wide-ranging conversation and are happy to share here the  unedited audio interview. You can also read the transcript of the interview HERE.