Keynotes & Signature Workshops

Keynotes (30-75 Min)

Shakti Leadership: Leveraging Feminine & Masculine Power in Business (75 Min)

Why lead with only half of one’s power? The prevailing leadership paradigm overemphasizes masculine values such as confidence, competition and decisiveness, often to the neglect of vulnerability, collaboration and openness; and focuses primarily on an outside-in, competency-based approach. This workshop aims to awaken both men and women to their innate feminine leadership capacities, through an inside-out, consciousness-based approach, that connects them directly to their authentic, resilient, life-affirming and regenerative core, their Shakti.

Shakti Leadership for a VUCA world: A Heroic Journey (60min)

In order to navigate the disruptive business scenario and not just survive but thrive, leaders soon realize that they are going to have to make a journey. A journey that requires deep reserves of resilience and inspiring energy. This can only come from tapping into Shakti, the infinite source of power within us that makes us fully present, fuels our creativity and drives change. Not given freely, it has to be earned, by the heroic capacity in us.

Shakti Leadership: The Wise Fool of Tough Love (30 min)

The core insight of Shakti Leadership are the four primary drives that we are all churned by: Kama – Mara – Maya – Vidya (Or Eros – Thanatos – Mythos – Logos) and the four powers latent within us that alone can master them. Through the paradox of the wise-fool and tough-love, participants will discover the sweet spot where they can come into their fullness as leaders and flow with freedom and fulfilment.

Workshops (30-75 Min)

Presence Practice (30 min)

‘Presence’ is that state of inner poise where a Conscious Leader is located first, before becoming an effective change-agent. Presence is also the source of Shakti, the true power that fuels all ‘doing’. Participants will learn to access and cultivate this internal state through a profoundly simple Shakti Presence Practice, using the Five signals of Presence, from the foundation of a relaxed body: Even breath, Clear mind, Open heart, Sensitive sonar and Energetic induction.

Dance of the Five Elements: Embracing change by moving through Presence (60 min)

According to Indian wisdom, Creation is essentially the divine inter-play of the five fundamental elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Each element has its unique movement, emotion, quality and nature. Participants are guided to find these elements within themselves and set them free through creative movement based on yoga, music and dance. This brings them into balance and harmony with themselves as well as with their context; it also proves therapeutic and de-stressing on all levels.

Signature Program for DEI&B and Wellbeing

1. The Inclusive ‘I’ @ Work (90min – 180min) For Diversity, Inclusion, Equity & Belonging

As organizations look to raise Diversity & Inclusion, Equity & Belonging in the workplace, the goal of this workshop is to directly address the core driver of human behavior that lies at the heart of all four, i.e. our IDENTITY. The personal sense of ‘I’ that we bring to work. In this stimulating and deeply reflective workshop you will get to unpeel the many layered onion of your identity and discover what is at its core. You will also discover what lies at the core of others that is different, yet as deeply held as you do yours.

Through a personal identity inventory, working on triads, a powerful framework of levels of consciousness, and a simple practice, you will learn how to hold your unique identity lightly and most importantly, get started on building your inclusive ‘I’, the psychological self that leaders need to cultivate if you are tasked with building D&I, E&B in your team and organization.

2. Presence & Flex (3-6 months)

Why is Gender Balance and Inclusive Culture necessary now?

There are new competencies emerging that are the most essential to solve organizational challenges and to move in the direction of their vision. Organizations need leaders who can:

  • Demonstrate clear, confident, grounded and mature Presence
  • Intentionally Flex between healthy masculine and feminine leadership traits
  • Develop an intrinsic Power that is power-with instead of power-over
  • Put into Practice in a trusted team environment for root-level changes
  • Prepare themselves to Lead consciously in any situation

How does an organization build these leadership competencies?

Shakti Leadership, in partnership with Tiara International, has designed an accessible and impactful program that makes the conceptual concrete and the theory practical.

Read here the Program Outline and Highlights of a recent pilot.

3. Shakti Leadership (A 1-day immersion OR 2-day deep dive)

Into the Journey through the Five Elements (Presence, Power, Wholeness, Flexibility & Congruence)

Men and women urgently need a leadership model that works for today’s world. The prevailing leadership paradigm, arising from its militaristic origins, over-emphasizes masculine values such as confidence, competition and decisiveness, and focuses primarily on an outside-in, competency-based approach. 

This unique program aims to awaken men and women to their innate feminine leadership capacities, through an inside-out, consciousness-based approach. That sources directly from their authentic, resilient, life-affirming and regenerative core, their Shakti. 

When men and women learn to become whole, by integrating their masculine and feminine nature, they come into their true power and presence, and can embody leadership maturity as well learning agility. This unleashes their formidable creativity and innate entrepreneurialism to raise themselves, their teams and the organization to the next, desired level. Furthermore, their awakened ownership of issues can go on to help harmoniously resolve the conflicts and crises they face outside the organization on many fronts: economic, social, political and environmental.

Developing Shakti-based leadership is a transformative ‘Hero’s’ or ‘Heroine’s journey’; to their unique wholeness and purpose. This journey of self-discovery and to ‘having-it-all’, though experienced as deeply personal, is completely universal and little known.

In this program we will bust the false myths/limiting beliefs that have conditioned us and reclaim our power from the unconscious drives, urges and voices that rule us. We will discover the stages of this ‘everyman’ and ‘everywoman’s’ journey to self-mastery and selfless service, in our own life-story; and surface our empowering personal myth that will give us the road-map, the destination and the fuel for the leadership journey and to conquer and thrive on the challenges that lie ahead.

4. Workplace Wellbeing (Stress To Swaasthya): 1-day ‘Playshop’

Stress, burnout and wellbeing are big concern areas for most organisations, particularly in the post-Covid era. Irrespective of sector or geography, organisations are grappling with huge disruption and great turbulence, which extracts a high human price. People feel like they are living in a pressure cooker. They struggle with the speed of change, the relentless pressure from customers, peers and partners, as well as their own personal challenges, not to mention systemic uncertainty.  Stress impacts everyone, and is much more serious for senior staff. Unfortunately, organisations (and individuals) are only taking small steps, which are woefully inadequate. High-stress is leading to an increase in the 5 Deadly ‘D’s: Drinking, Disease, Divorce, Depression & Debt. On the upside, when organisations do get it right, there are significant benefits: reduced absenteeism (27%), lower medical costs (26%), and perhaps more importantly, improved productivity (14%), employee retention (32%) and corporate reputation (82%).

In this highly experiential and award-winning 1-day ‘playshop’, participants will

  • Learn about the key principles of ‘Stress’ and how it can impair both ‘Productivity’ and ‘Positivity’, often leading to illness.
  • Assess (via an online diagnostic), reflect on and share their ‘Stressors’ in a ‘safe space’: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Relational & Spiritual
  • Experience the simple, powerful ‘Presence’ practice to calm & centre themselves, even during times of turbulence
  • Feel inspired/motivated to see ‘Workplace Wellbeing’ as an important leadership responsibility and take this message & experience back to their units/ teams
  • Build a personal action plan to work on one or two stressors they consider most critical that will help them better manage their stress at workplace and in personal life

Click here for an introductory video.

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